cassia and catclaw

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Fri Oct 9 14:02:06 EDT 1998

Ah, but I'm an old meanie who doesn't mail plants out of state. Alas.
You wouldn't believe the stuff that would ride along with it. You want
white-footed ants? I've got them. 
	I have a yard full of cassia, too. 
	Sphinx moths aren't all that picky ... perhaps you could trick them
into using some local legumes? Or are they all brown and dead? 
	Failing that, see if your local nursery can arrange a shipment for you
from a Florida nursery ... Cassia bicapsularis should be easy to find,
and it seems to be enjoyed by butterflies, anyway. Dunno about moths.
You need someone with permits and things. 
Anne Kilmer
south Florida

Pierre A Plauzoles wrote:
> In a previous article, tryznar at MAIL.COSMOSBBS.COM (Ted Ryznar) says:
> >I am looking for a source of cassia and catclaw. Anyone from Florida or
> >southern areas where these plants grow that I could purchase some from
> >please let me know soon.  I would be interested in leaves or preferably
> >plants. Thanks in advance.
> Have you tried the Native Plant Society?  I think there are regional or
> state-based NPS groups throughout the country.  Contact Anne Kilmer on
> this one.  She is quite active on this newsgroup.
> Good luck.
> --
> Pierre Plauzoles   ae779 at
> Canoga Park, California

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