baiting moths

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Mon Oct 12 07:32:05 EDT 1998

Hallo Andrea,

during the past 10 years we tried a lot of different mixtures. In Germany
the best choice is a cheap red vine and a lot of sugar. When you warm up the
vine you can put more sugar in it. If you want you can add a few drops of
rum to it. In Singapore there will be perhaps a cheap australian Shiraz ?
(but I would prefer to bait myself with Shiraz and not the moths :)).


Andrea Hoffmann schrieb in Nachricht
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>At 04:14 AM 9/26/98 -0400, sebrez at wrote:
>>When my friend and I baited moths we used a beer and brown sugar
>>mixture. We also tried molasses and beer.
>how did those mixtures work? what was the female:male ratio?
>i don't use beer here, it's too expensive to use for moths. i'd rather
>drink it myself ;) i use a mixture of fermented fruits which works very
>andrea :)
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