Euthalia aconthea gurda

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fahshin wrote:

> The caterpillars of Euthalia aconthea gurda (Fruhstorfer) (Nymphalidae:
> Nymphalinae) are described as having "delicately branched spines radiating
> horizontally from the body". These spines are green in colour. Would anyone
> know whether the spines are for defensive purpose (in which case they could
> sting and cause itchiness) or are they for camouflage. Your replies would be
> appreciated.
> Regards.
> Chin Fah Shin
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 Judging by the species of Euthalia found in Hong Kong, I'd guess the camouflage
option. I've had these shown to me and they're really quite invisible at a
glance when sitting on a leaf. However, I've not tried to find out if the spines
can puncture skin or if they contain toxins.


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