airtight storage how?

Paul Cherubini paulcher at
Wed Oct 14 14:55:34 EDT 1998

Mark Walker wrote:

>  I've seen other drawers with no fumigants and all of the insects
> ruined by pests.  Scary.

I havn't been following this thread closely, but has anyone tried
cutting up bits of Vapona (DDVP) insecticide resin strips (available at
your local variety store for $5.00 a strip) to stick in collection
boxes? This is what I use for my 20 year old collection. Vegetable seed
and birdseed companies commonly stick Vapona strips inside bins of
stored seed to protect them from the same dermestid beetles that attack
insect collections.  

Unlike nicotine and moth ball type fumigants, Vapona is a low odor
fumigant and safe for humans and warm blooded animals in low
concentrations and will work even in collection boxes that are not air
tight.  A $5.00 strip can be cut into dozens of little pieces and only a
tiny piece is adequate for each collection box. The only downside is the
strip must be changed every four months. Also, the stips must be kept
off direct contact with styrofoam or it might melt it.

For those who can't believe Vapona is safe at low concentrations,
consider the strips have been legal to hang inside occupied homes,
offices and industrial buildings for fly control, in total release flea
bombs, in flea collars, as a liquid spray on dairy animals and horses
for fly control and for fogging over the top of non-perishable, raw ag
commodities such as inshell nuts and grains.  You can't say that for
nicotine and the moth ball type fumigants.

Paul Cherubini, El Dorado, California

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