airtight storage how?

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sun Oct 18 15:24:46 EDT 1998

Kenelm Philip wrote:
>         Guy Van de Poel said:
> > I wonder why nobody opposes killing those very useful (they clean up the
> > mess in nature) creatures ... :-)
> Oddly enough, a year or so ago I reported on some experiments I carried out
> with dermestid larvae and PDB--and someone posted a response accusing me of
> cruelty to animals. So at least one person out there does object to killing
> dermestids, at least by 'inhumane' methods.
>         On the other hand, I don't know any entomological collection
> managers who encourage these critters to feed on specimens...  :-)
>                                                         Ken Philip
> fnkwp at

Poor little things. It's a bug eat bug world out there.
I think they're sometimes used to clean skeletons. Fire ants also do  a
fine job on that, but getting the skeleton back is a trick. 
Mercy even for dermestids? Radical.
anne Kilmer
south Florida

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