Taxinomic list of world Lepidoptera

Martin John Ellis mjellis at
Tue Oct 20 17:32:09 EDT 1998

Jonathan Sylvestre wrote:

>    I need a list of all lepidoptera starting at the order lepidoptera level
>and including the family level ,if possible, ending at the subfamily

The only list I've managed to track down on the Internet is at
This list by J.B. Heppner is dated May 1997. It is published by the Association for Tropical
Lepidoptera. It lists worldwide Lepidoptera to sub-family level. 

British family classification is different from the European, which in turn is different from
the American. They can't all be right, though they are probably all incorrect!  I guess I'll
just have to change my labels, files, indexes and records everytime a new checklist is

Martin Ellis

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