Fw: moth i.d.

Jim Mason jmason at ink.org
Thu Oct 22 13:07:58 EDT 1998

I received the following and thought someone on Leps-L might have a clear
idea about the moth species.  I told Steve that it looked like Arctia caia
(The Great Tiger-moth) as shown on plate XV of W.J. Holland's "The Moth

With respect to software, I know of only the recently available CD-ROM
version of Scott's "Butterflies of North America".

Is any further info out there for Mr. Danell?

Jim Mason
jmason at ink.org

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From: Steve, Cassie, Megan Danell <scdanell at micron.net>
To: jmason at ink.org <jmason at ink.org>
Date: Wednesday, October 21, 1998 10:30 PM
Subject: moth i.d.

>Dear Sir,
>I saw your email referenced on the USGS website.  They said you might be
>able to identify a "pretty" moth.  I found one I have never seen before
>and can't seem to find in any books.  I found it in southern Idaho
>(unfortunately roadkill).  It has a wingspan of ~2.5" and a brown furry
>body with a cherry red head.  The forewings are white with dark brown
>splotches (or vice versa).  The underwings are orange-yellow with ~5
>large black spots on each.  The forewings look somewhat similar to an
>ornate tiger moth.
>Also, I was wondering if you know of anyone who produces a
>comprehensive software program which identifies butterflies and moths?
>Steve Danell

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