Antennae vs. antennas

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sat Oct 24 05:47:27 EDT 1998

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the (propa)gander. Two can play
at that game.
4-H kids (the backbone of America) do bug collections as well as
butterfly gardens. Fill the papers and magazines with photos of cute
little kids showing off their bug collections and explaining how
collectors (as well as gardeners) "help Nature" by learning about insect
populations and reporting changes. 
Our object, I hope, is not to protect butterflies, but to design and
implement a workable urban and rural ecology that includes many
organisms besides mankind. Our strategies need to include all the parts
of the puzzle in our grand plan. 
	Many butterfly fanciers decide, early in the game, that their job is to
protect their friends from birds, wasps, lizards and the other predators
that, ordinarily, weed out their ranks. Most of us grow out of that. 
	It is not my hope here to rekindle that old well-worn collectors vs.
pro-lifers debate. We're all clear about the various sorts of collectors
and non-collectors, their methods and their motivation. 
The enemy is the developer; the destruction of habitat is the real
problem, and our army of opposition is well-served by the collectors in
our ranks. 
	It would be nice to see Mr. Glassberg aim his congressman against the
developers but, as Jesse James said of the banks, that's where the money
	I am, for the record, a NABA member and not a collector. I don't rear
butterflies either, and should perhaps mention that Mr. Glassberg
opposes that, too. So do I, but I also believe that one can become so
caught up in heretic-bashing that one forgets that the plan was to bring
love to all the world. 
Anne Kilmer
South Florida
Mike Soukup wrote:
> And, I would like to mention that, Mr. Glassberg has ALREADY began
> petitioning his congressman to make collecting of ANY lep illegal.  And,
> THAT course of action is simply wrong.  ( can't convince people
> logically that collecting is wrong - so you get the force of the federal
> government to back one's extremist quietly as possible so as
> not to awaken the dissenters before it's too late!)

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