Allegation against Jeff Glassberg

Jim Mason jemason at
Sat Oct 24 09:43:11 EDT 1998

I will be copying this to Jeff and I look forward to his reply.  If Mr.
Soukup has any specifics he would care to add to this, I would appreciate
hearing about it, and I am sure the rest of the Leps-L would also.  It's
news to me.

Jim Mason
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>And, I would like to mention that, Mr. Glassberg has ALREADY began
>petitioning his congressman to make collecting of ANY lep illegal.  And,
>THAT course of action is simply wrong.  ( can't convince people
>logically that collecting is wrong - so you get the force of the federal
>government to back one's extremist quietly as possible so as
>not to awaken the dissenters before it's too late!)

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