fall baiting

John Grehan jrg13 at psu.edu
Wed Oct 28 22:18:32 EST 1998

I don't know how many on this list participate in bait collecting, but I 
thought I would mention that in the last week I have experienced some
good late warm weather here in Pennsylvania. I've managed to get
out twice, each time with the daytime temperatures in the 60's F, and
goodcloud cover in the evening. I baited in oak dominated forest, and
found between 10 to 25 moths at most bait sites. About 95% of the moths
were Sunera bicolorago (Noctuidae - sorry I don't have acess to the
common name at this moment).The rest were other noctuids, almost all being

 I expect to put up a list of my finds
sometime soon, although nothing of exceptional interest was found. Is
anyone else bait collecting this fall? I never heard of fall (or spring)
when I was in New Zealand, and since then only know of it being used in the 
northern hemisphere. Is anyone on this list using this technique
(fall/spring) anywhere in the southern hemisphere?

Sincerely, John Grehan

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