re. fall baiting

DR. JAMES ADAMS jadams at
Thu Oct 29 11:26:21 EST 1998

Dear Johns and listers,

          I, like Eric, spend the winter months baiting here in N. 
Georgia. This activity should be of interest to any one with an 
interest in noctuids.  Occasional pyralids and geometrids will show 
up at the bait, but typically not in the true winter months. 

          Sunira bicolorago is already abundant at the bait, and, as 
Eric also indicated, bait can be very productive for Lithophane 
species.  Metaxaglaea, Eupsilia, and several other genera of winter 
noctuids are frequently found at bait.  Though I haven't uncovered 
any new species yet, I have collected five or six species new to the 
state of Georgia at bait during the winter.  It can, as Eric 
suggests, be extremely productive, particularly on nights that are 
both relatively warm and extremely humid --  a nice drizzle often 
produces exceptional collecting nights.


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