Eurema lisa in Guilford Co., NC

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Sun Sep 6 00:17:46 EDT 1998

Hi Leps-Listers,

This continues to be a good year for Eurema lisa (Little Yellows).  On Friday,
9/4, I spotted one along the roadside as I was leaving campus.  This species
seems to be uncommon to rare in Guilford Co., NC.  Typically I see one or two
a year in late summer, and some years there are none.  This year I have seen
at least 5, and two more in adjacent Forsyth Co.

I continue to see from 1 to 3 P. sennae (Cloudless Sulphurs) per day, not
nearly the swarms being reported east and north of my Upper Piedmont location.


Dennis Burnette
Greensboro, NC
burnetted at

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