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Thu Sep 10 17:43:40 EDT 1998

Mark Walker  wrote:
>  	Mutation a "creative force"?  I think not.  A decay of order, a
> jumbling of information, a mistake of nature.  Left to its own, the result
> would be chaos, an eventual decline of life as we know it.  Isn't this a
> scientific position?  Aren't all of the laws of physics in agreement?

At the risk of being called Pinochio again.

(I have been inclined to be a little flipant lately, poking fun at
religion and macho male attitudes to procreation but this posting is in

This laws of physics argument is utter RUBBISH! I am being rather blunt
but this is so stupid you have to be blunt to get it through to some
This chestnut pops up every time that this is discussed and it has been
consistently defeated.

Evolution, mutation, life etc. DO NOT VIOLATE THE 2ND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS.
The systems we are dealing with are not closed! The irony of this
is that the same person who is peddling this nonsense has had called
others "unscientific" and questioned the intelligence  of those who held
opposing views.

This is supposed to be a scientific forum but this kind of argument
demonstrates a very poor understanding of the basic elements of science.

For a complete debunking of this creationist credo see

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