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Thu Sep 10 21:15:30 EDT 1998

DY said:

> >By the same logic you are using to naysay evolution, you
> can naysay life itself, which is ALL anti-entropic. 

MW said:

> Yep, I totally agree.  In fact, that is precisely my point.  Life itself is
> in conflict with entropy.  

I took Doug's point to be that life is NOT in conflict with the laws (?) 
of entropy.  I vaguely remember learning that while the organisms
themselves become less entropic (boy is that a weird word!), they make
their environment more entropic, so it balances out.  This is
unquestionably true for my parakeet, who is terribly messy; saturniid
larvae are even worse.  (I just wish whoever wrote these thermodynamic
rules would come clean up after them, but since they were men it's
probably unlikely.  Also I think they are dead.  Men *always* have some

Anyway maybe someone has a website or book source that explains the
truth behind this confusion. - ?

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