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> Well, they've finally caught up with me........I've just had an email from
> Roger Kendrick (who is he?), telling me I'm in violation of some great
> newsgroup regulation that prohibits the advertising for sale of livestock on
> this newsgroup.
> A coupl of questions....
> Firstly, why can't we have people advertising livestock on this newsgroup -
> after all, most of the postings are from genuinely interested amateurs, it's
> hardly high-brow intellectual scientific information is it?
> Secondly, if livestock sale and want postings are prohibited, does anybody
> out there know of a newsgroup that WILL accept lepidoptera livestock
> postings?
> Lastly, if anybody out there would like me to mail them personally when I
> have livestock for sale, please send me an email and I will add you to my
> mailing list
> Best wishes
> Barrie Harwood  eMail: Barrie.Harwood at BTInternet.com

I personaly don't buy or sell livestock (the only reason is that I don't want
to get in trouble with Canadian customs), but the only regulation I thing
about a lepidoptera newsgroup is to speak about lepidoptera. Information
about conservation (see my feelings about conservation on my WEB page...), or
observation, or collectors or insect dealers are welcome for me. I prefer to
receive all these information and think that I am old enough to choose myself
which is interesting for me. Laurent http://pages.infinit.net/laurentl

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