I'm in trouble

Anthony W. Cynor acynor at fullerton.edu
Mon Sep 14 11:08:03 EDT 1998

Wasn't there some guy a little while ago that did the same thing to the fellow
that wanted to collect pictures of lepidoptera.  Said that the group was only
for professionals?
Does this Roger Kendrick have an e-mail and it should be published.  I find it
odd that it would not be broadcast to everyone if it was a violation.  Many have
advertised this before so has anyone else got this?

Barrie Harwood wrote:

> Well, they've finally caught up with me........I've just had an email from
> Roger Kendrick (who is he?), telling me I'm in violation of some great
> newsgroup regulation that prohibits the advertising for sale of livestock on
> this newsgroup.
> A coupl of questions....
> Firstly, why can't we have people advertising livestock on this newsgroup -
> after all, most of the postings are from genuinely interested amateurs, it's
> hardly high-brow intellectual scientific information is it?
> Secondly, if livestock sale and want postings are prohibited, does anybody
> out there know of a newsgroup that WILL accept lepidoptera livestock
> postings?
> Lastly, if anybody out there would like me to mail them personally when I
> have livestock for sale, please send me an email and I will add you to my
> mailing list
> Best wishes
> Barrie Harwood  eMail: Barrie.Harwood at BTInternet.com

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