I'm in trouble

Semjase semjase at aol.com
Mon Sep 14 21:14:38 EDT 1998

>On Mon, 14 Sep 1998 08:08:03 -0700, "Anthony W. Cynor"
><acynor at fullerton.edu> wrote:
>>Does this Roger Kendrick have an e-mail and it should be published.  I find
>>odd that it would not be broadcast to everyone if it was a violation.  Many
>>advertised this before so has anyone else got this?
>Hi Tony, 
>I have no idea about the contents of the original email that Barrie
>says he got from Roger but I know Roger Kendrick pretty well and I can
>only assume that he was (politely) reminding Barrie that most
>newsgroups have a no-advertising law in their charter. 
>I for one don't like to see advertising of any sort in usenet postings
>- and by the sound of it, neither does Roger :-)
>Best wishes,
>Chris R.
I do not have a problem with it as it is usually a hobbyist wanting to share
extra stock with those of a like interest.  It is a service.  Postings by porno
guys and etc is a problem and I do not like to see it.  Without these ads this
newsgroup becomes of little interest.  Sorry if it offends you.


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