Western Kentucky records

Charles V. Covell Jr. cvcove01 at athena.louisville.edu
Mon Sep 14 23:21:19 EDT 1998

Last weekend the Kentucky Lepidopterists held an excellent field trip in
the environs of Paducah, KY.  We recorded about 54 species there and in
a couple of other places on the way.  Some of the most exciting were:
Ocola Skipper,_Panoquina ocola_; Yehl Skipper, _Poanes yehl_; Gulf
Fritillary (including immature stages), _Agraulis vanillae_; Dukes'
Skipper, _Euphyes dukesi_; Great Purple Hairstreak, _Atlides halesus_;
White M Hairstreak, _Parhassius m-album_; Southern Dogface, _Zerene
cesonia_; and another hybrid between the Viceroy _Limenitis archippus_
and Red-spotted Purple, _Limenitis arthemis astyanax_.  Twelve people
were there, including our host, Bill Black, who did a great job of
scouting good localities.  _Phoebis sennae_ was abundant but not in what
I would call outbreak numbers.  Along the east-to-west drive across Ky.
we noted a number of them flying generally southward.  _E. lisa_ and _E.
nicippe_ were common, too, but not as much so as _sennae._  Monarchs
were generally rather sparse, though I did see 3 on one bush of
_Eupatorium_ at once.  Now, if only my flash were pointed in the right
direction and these photos come out!  Cheers, Charlie

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