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>It would be interesting to know what percentage of members:-
>(a) Have a "no kill" policy.

I only kill invertebrates if there is a good reason to do so and I
don't make a distinction between different orders. Currently I am
surveying local moths and Diptera. In the case of the moths I have
taken about 5 specimens this year to confirm their ID and for the
Diptera I have been catching as many different types as possible to
teach myself how to ID some of the easier families.

>(b) Kill specimens for a "collection" (hunting instinct)

Well, I don't 'stamp collect' but I do save any specimen that I have
taken to confirm its ID. 

>(c) Kill / Breed for scientific study

Again, I kill specimens to confirm ID and to improve my knowledge.
This in turn helps me monitor local populations of invertebrates and
these sightings are then sent in to local recorders. I class this as a
scientific project.

>(d) Breed for conservation purposes

Don't have the time. Anyway, this kind of project needs backing from
local environmental authorities and more planning than most people
give credit for.

>(e) Breed for commercial gain

Definitely not.

Best wishes,
Chris R.

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