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Tue Sep 15 08:07:41 EDT 1998

A.P.K.Torry wrote:

> Well that reads 10 who are either IN FAVOUR or DONT MIND and only 3 against!!!!
> Time we voted for a change in the charter or started the procedure to
> establish a new list, perhaps Roger you can help us with this.
> By the way. As the LEPS-L Listserv and the LEPIDOPTERA newsgroup are
> connected which charter holds precedence.
> Andrew T
> PS
> How about offering livestock for exchange rather than for sale??

 Why so hasty?

If you were to poll on 13 users, that would be a very skewed view: there are
several hundred people listed on the Who's Who (and therefore at least read
messages on the Lepidoptera Listserver (LEPS-L) /
news:Science.biology.entomology.lepidoptera (SBEL); the charter applies to both).
Also, why include those who either don't mind or don't specify: an abstention in a
parliamentary vote doesn't count either for or against.

I'm against commercial advertising on a scientific newsgroup (SBEL and therefore
LEPS-L). The "if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it" motto is, perhaps,
appropriate. There exist three different groups with three different purposes:
SBEL / LEPS-L for discussion of sightings, conservation topics, scientific updates
and other non livestock matters.
LEPS Livestock for information pertaining to livestock exchange. [see Liz Day's
message of 12 Sept for details of subscription]
A website for commercially orientated items EXISTS on the Butterfly WebBoard
(, under the "Purchasing - livestock"
conference. It is in need of a little extra patronage.

It would be rational to make use of the appropriate list.

For those users who don't want to filter out one or two of the above items, the
prescribed use of the appropriate group or website eliminates the need to filter.
Besides, it's good manners to follow "netiquette" and for those who have to pay for
connection time it reduces their costs.
>From my own point of view I'd rather have 3 bookmarks / address entries and be able
to select which type of information I receive rather than be inundated with
unfiltered information, even though it all relates to lepidoptera.


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