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Anthony W. Cynor acynor at
Tue Sep 15 10:44:38 EDT 1998

There is a problem with such Livestock groups in that they are unstable and
subscribing to them seems to be in vain.


Roger C. KENDRICK wrote:

> A.P.K.Torry wrote:
> > Well that reads 10 who are either IN FAVOUR or DONT MIND and only 3 against!!!!
> >
> > Time we voted for a change in the charter or started the procedure to
> > establish a new list, perhaps Roger you can help us with this.
> >
> > By the way. As the LEPS-L Listserv and the LEPIDOPTERA newsgroup are
> > connected which charter holds precedence.
> >
> > Andrew T
> >
> > PS
> >
> > How about offering livestock for exchange rather than for sale??
>  Why so hasty?
> If you were to poll on 13 users, that would be a very skewed view: there are
> several hundred people listed on the Who's Who (and therefore at least read
> messages on the Lepidoptera Listserver (LEPS-L) /
> news:Science.biology.entomology.lepidoptera (SBEL); the charter applies to both).
> Also, why include those who either don't mind or don't specify: an abstention in a
> parliamentary vote doesn't count either for or against.
> I'm against commercial advertising on a scientific newsgroup (SBEL and therefore
> LEPS-L). The "if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it" motto is, perhaps,
> appropriate. There exist three different groups with three different purposes:
> SBEL / LEPS-L for discussion of sightings, conservation topics, scientific updates
> and other non livestock matters.
> LEPS Livestock for information pertaining to livestock exchange. [see Liz Day's
> message of 12 Sept for details of subscription]
> A website for commercially orientated items EXISTS on the Butterfly WebBoard
> (, under the "Purchasing - livestock"
> conference. It is in need of a little extra patronage.
> It would be rational to make use of the appropriate list.
> For those users who don't want to filter out one or two of the above items, the
> prescribed use of the appropriate group or website eliminates the need to filter.
> Besides, it's good manners to follow "netiquette" and for those who have to pay for
> connection time it reduces their costs.
> From my own point of view I'd rather have 3 bookmarks / address entries and be able
> to select which type of information I receive rather than be inundated with
> unfiltered information, even though it all relates to lepidoptera.
> regards,
> Roger.
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