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Guy Van de Poel Guy_VdP at email.msn.com
Fri Sep 18 16:49:10 EDT 1998

Hi all,

In response to the proposal of Roger below;

I am an amateur and I am quite happy with ALL the content I get on LEPS-L.
When I had a problem earlier this year having to raise at once about 100
Smerinthus ocellatus larvae, I asked for help on this list. The best answer
I got was the one where the owner of the other mailing list (majordomo, for
livestock) guided me on to that list. Over there I got all the help I
needed, one of the persons answering my call being Barrie. Thanks for that.
Since then, I regularly got the messages they sent, being an average of
about 3 a day. Since a couple of weeks however, the messages stopped, save
for some excuses of the listowner because the listserver didn't work
I, and I do not think I'm the only one, get a lot of spam, most of it via
this list. I usually exceeds what I used to get on messages from the other
guys. I do delete most of the livestock messages, but do not regard them as
spam. And some day I may (very probably will) need help again.
For the scientific part: I like most of the conversations here, a day cou
cannot learn something is a wasted day. So please John Grehan and Rikki Hall
And again, please, all be reasonable and keep it as it is.

Guy Van de Poel

Guy_VdP at email.msn.com

> Here's one possibility not mentioned yet.
>SBEL is supposed to be a dedicated science newsgroup. Most scientists have
>to newsgroup (i.e. news:xxxxx) boards (please correct me if this assumption
>wrong). Most other leps people want one board (LEPS-L) for everything. If
>gating between these two groups were stopped, then all the science stuff
goes via
>SBEL (using its existing charter) and anything else via LEPS-L (using an
>charter to cater for the current advertising), could a merry compromise be
>(are the Yale guys reading these discussions, and if so how easy is this to
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