Traffic in plants and plant seeds

Doug Yanega dyanega at
Sat Sep 19 18:10:32 EDT 1998

>> Thanks for the clarification. I would agree that in this case opposition
>> to growing eucalypts in the absence of  a local alternative does not
>> make much sense, particuarly as the eucalypts are already present (and
>> I presume they are not a noxious weed taking over everything else).
>Except I think they *are* a noxious weed taking over.  Anyone out there
>know more?

Well, the Eucalypts in California are under attack from several exotic
species of beetles that were accidentally introduced, including at least
one or two weevils and two Cerambycids (Hollywood trivia: which
Oscar-winning actor's brother is the expert on these particular
Cerambycids?) - so there could be very little use to planting more
Eucalypts there, though some species are more prone to being attacked by
beetles than others.

Pests of pests of pests...


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