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Sharyn Fernandez botany at
Sun Sep 20 23:40:54 EDT 1998

>In regards to the monarch butterfly situation in Pacific Grove,

Are they cutting down the eucs? Due to non-native status? pests? the fact
that they use a lot of ground water? fire hazard? housing ?... Odd since
they depend on monarchs for tourist trade, don't they?

 Altho' there was mention in a book(the Great butterfly Hunt: Mystery of
the Migrating MOnarch" ) that"migration" was an endangered phenomena.

Is the west-coast over-wintering phenomena contributing to a decline in
migration, added with global warming, to become an "endangered" natural
phemomena that should be included on the new revision of the End. Species
Act,--as acutally was proposed in that book?.

I don't personally think the eucs threaten migration; even if they did,  I
think monarchs would revert migration it if and when eucs. disappeared..
I'm assuming they wouldn't choose non-native Monterey Pines,to any great
extent, that I occasionally see them on, and  that would never be
eradicated anyway by popular demand..

just a bit more verbage, do need to respond!- Sharyn F

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