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Mon Sep 21 05:13:27 EDT 1998

Terry Rodbard wrote:
> Have any other members been distressed by the discussion on how to kill
> butterflies?
> Am I somehow missing the point?
> Should we be teaching a 13 year old how to kill butterflies?
> All types of collecting are severely frowned upon in the UK and the taking
> of a small number of specimens is regarded as necessary by  the scientific
> members of our fraternity, but certainly not by the greater number of
> amateurs of which I am one.
> Enjoying these beautiful creatures I find find it abhorant that I could
> play some sought of God and decide what should live.    Collect or dissect,
>   the necessity of either I would like to be convinced of.  Try me.
> Greetings to all members
> Terry

I don't kill stuff much, but I have liked the discussion. It seemed to
me that the scientists and collectors addressed the issues of kindness
to the butterfly, care of the child's health, and have in the past
addressed the impact on the environment from collecting, balanced
against the usefulness of teaching children the scientific method. 
	You live on a little-bitty island, where all have to share a few
butterflies. Some of us live in enormous places with vast numbers of
butterflies, where the gathering of a few butterflies (as long as they
are not rare) has very slight impact on the population. 
	If Eric hangs around on this list, and I hope he will, he will have a
chance to share everyone's ideas about these matters. He may also access
the archives and see what has already been said.
You might like to do this, too.
Would you object as much if he were collecting ants, or roaches, or
even  moths? 
Anne Kilmer
South Florida

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