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In Albany NY Pine Bush you can be hassled by the authorities for even
taking an interest in a Karner Blue on a lupin plant, and there would be a
resounding outcry if anyone ever was known to catch one (as it should be)
but the same authority system grants building permits for the mega
Crossgates Mall to level acres and acres of the pine bush for mall and
parkinglots and access roads etc.  Most of those that were noisy in the
outcry -- shop at the mall now.

Again, species survival in most cases of living things, particularly in
the animal kingdom, has more to do with habitat destruction -- than
population sampling for whatever reason.


>It has MUCH MORE to do with
> the fact that they build a strip mall in an area that was formerly prime
> habitat for some butterfly.  Now, i'm SURE you would pull into the gas
> station(which, when built, destroyed a colony of checkerspots), fuel up
> your auto (with polluting fossil fuels), and drive down the road
> smashing several butterflies on your grille on the way back to your
> house (which was built in an area where a rare type of blue used to
> live), get on your computer and say "we really shouldn't be teaching our
> children about killing butterflies".  
>         Get some perspective....
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