L. Paul Grey

Ernest Williams ewilliam at hamilton.edu
Mon Sep 21 09:29:03 EDT 1998

Gary and Lep-listers,

I cannot find an obituary of L. Paul Grey in back issues of either the News
or the Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society (obits of other noted
lepidopterists have appeared in both publications), though there is one of
his wife (News Lep. Soc., Mar/Apr 1993).  Perhaps I missed it; if there
isn't one, that's a lack.  He died Aug 19, 1994.  Another Grey, I presume
his son, sent a notice of his death - a computer printed sheet with color
photos - to a list of his correspondents.

Paul Grey contributed a great deal to lepidopterology, particularly to
_Speyeria_ fritillaries.  He was very helpful and generous to many people,
including me, through correspondence.  He was a prime example of an amateur
becoming an authority and thus of the frequent artificiality of the
difference between "amateurs" and "professionals."

Years ago I spent a couple of days running around an alpine ridge in
northwest Wyoming with Paul.  I met him when I saw a lone figure on this
very same ridge during a long, cold rainy day.  Hardly deterred by the
weather, he was quickly looking through the vegetation with forceps in hand
and finding a surprising number of butterflies.  I've never seen anyone
else so proficient at finding butterflies in lousy weather!

Ernest Williams

>Something that has bothered me for a while now is how silent was the pasing
>of Paul Gray - one of those "amateurs" who contributed so much to the study
>of our butterflies........>Gary Anweiler, Edmonton Alberta

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