luminescent freshwater animals?

John Grehan jrg13 at
Mon Sep 21 15:58:33 EDT 1998

I'm not aware of any other freshwater luminescent insects, but I recollect
that there are some luminescent freshwater bivalves.

Sincerely, John Grehan

>By a remarkable coincidence, on Friday I was reading the closing page of
>Walter Linsenmaier's book "Insects of the World", and the very last
>sentence of the book states that aquatic lampyrid larvae in Asia, in the
>genus Luciola, are the only luminescent freshwater animals.
>Today, a botany professor here brought me an aquatic lampyrid larva
>(obviously a snail-feeding species) he just collected in the Rio Doce State
>Park on Friday night, which - if Linsenmaier was right - would be the
>second known case.
>Is there anyone out there who can confirm or deny this claim? Anyone have
>Jim Lloyd's e-mail handy?
>Thanks in advance,
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