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> "Collect or dissect,
>   the necessity of either I would like to be convinced of.  Try me."
> Necessity??  There is NO necessity.  But, since when do we limit our
> actions to necessity?  Do we "need" cars with the pollution and the
> millions of "road kill" victims (including butterflies).  Hell, for that
> matter, with todays technology and nutritional we NEED
> to eat living things?  Probably not.  Do we need urban blight and
> suburban sprawl destroying millions of acres of habitat every year.
> No....I don't THINK so.  So, at this point, what we "need" is
> irrelevent.
> There is no reason to re-ignite the collecting debate here
> naturally occurs every year as lep season dies down.  But, just to let
> you know, the reason there are so few leps in England has little to do
> with collecting (except in a few cases).  It has MUCH MORE to do with
> the fact that they build a strip mall in an area that was formerly prime
> habitat for some butterfly.  Now, i'm SURE you would pull into the gas
> station(which, when built, destroyed a colony of checkerspots), fuel up
> your auto (with polluting fossil fuels), and drive down the road
> smashing several butterflies on your grille on the way back to your
> house (which was built in an area where a rare type of blue used to
> live), get on your computer and say "we really shouldn't be teaching our
> children about killing butterflies".
> 	Get some perspective....
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Dear Mike You say exactly what I think, in better english that I could do, as
I am french speaking. We, entomologists, occasional, amateur or professional,
are killing interest in entomology for the next generations. The future
should be for some readers to collect virtual specimen in virtual
environments for virtual science. I am sorry for those readers, I do collect
specimens and I do use my fingers. And I do see that areas when specific
species were flying (and still flying years after years, even after I collect
some specimen) are mostly build now for roads, buildings or private gardens,
where those species have disappeared. And this without any problems or laws !
It seems that no problem to kill thousands of specimens with cars or
building, but somebody with a net in a field could have serious problems with
laws in some countries ! We are the scapegoats and we encourage this ! Je
suis vraiment outré que des collègues aient une vision de l'entomologie avec
de telles oeillères. Laurent Lecerf

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