Vanessa indoor host plant

Sharyn Fernandez botany at
Tue Sep 22 13:05:52 EDT 1998


A while back someone asked about a plant to use for I believe Painted Lady
- for indoors, overwinter;

I've been using Lupine ("Bluebonnet" seeds, are still maturing, so luckily,
I found a butterfly friendly Nursery here (Navalet's) that has a couple
diff. varieties, both used by P/L;  also HOLLYHOCK is being eaten
(_Malvacae sylvestris_), if you can find a plant sale somewhere...

Also, does anyone know of where I can get a Viceroy specimen; I have permit
for North American Species, if you have knowledge of a larva provider;
altho, a pinned specimen is fine! Pls. email me: botany at


Sharyn Fernandez
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