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Sharyn Fernandez botany at
Tue Sep 22 13:25:59 EDT 1998

 Yes - quite a dilemma - I just checked with the County Ag. Dept. evidently
this is an introduced fungus (pitch canker), attaking Bishop Pine ( native
- indiginous to Calif. coast) as well as Monterey Pine; made worse by El
Nino, if anything...they're discouraging taking any plants  from the Santa
Cruz/MOnterey counties...
but, I don't think monarchs are a vector in this (they said the infamous
Bark Beetle was)...
>So the anti-exotic folks in Pacific Grove (which includes the mayor) are
>caught between a rock and a hard place; they don't want to go on record
>as approving the use of an exotic yet they don't want to see the
>butterflies leave either.
>Paul Cherubini, El Dorado, California
>paulcher at

Sharyn Fernandez
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