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Tue Sep 22 15:22:49 EDT 1998

	John Grehan said:

> My understanding (which I admit may be inadequate) is that the gene
> from one parent will convert the gene from the other so the offspring will
> not be heterozygotes.

That's a far more unorthodox idea than directed mutation! My first question
would be: Why does the mutated gene convert the un-mutated gene rather than
vice-versa (assuming that this process occurs at all)? My second question
would be to inquire what this idea does to the standard explanation of the
advantages in Africa of being a heterozygote for sickle-cell.

	Modern genetics has come a long way from Mendel--and there are some
very complex things going on. I had not heard about 'mutation by
transforming genes in this manner, however. Any references for this idea?
As far as I know, the concept of heterozygosity is still valid...

							Ken Philip
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