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I want to thank Mark Walker for his insight. I always taught EE from a habitat approach. I am myself a small game hunter, (not big game - too much trouble, not enough freezer space) and I have heard the arguments BG hunters espouse. Much of our Big Game is managed, and the habitat with it, which benefits most species in an area. Many of my non-hunting friend do not understand this. 

I am not against responsible collecting. I collect plants myself, and tend not to take the first one I see. Or the first of a game species. This is an old Indian method. If you leave some, there will always be more. I don't like to see people who take every one of a species they see, as a Herpetology professor of mine was wont to do. Leave some for later, and there will always be some next year.

I saw a cartoon in our state magazine Wildlife in North Carolina. It was titled "Why the Red Man always had plenty, and why the White Man never has enough." It depicted two Indians coming back from a hunt with just enough for a meal. It showed in another frame two good ol' boys with a truck load of game. 

I think if we are going to collect we might consider the Red Man's way.

Oh, and the Red Man didn't cut down all his forest either.

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