Killing butterflies

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Wed Sep 23 09:53:55 EDT 1998

Born to hang'll never drown. 
It's a lap top, and plans to remain hugged to my heart, shrouded in a
garbage bag. The other computers will be well wrapped and take their
chances, but Drake the Armada and I will be together come what may. 
Anybody who wants to come down with their chain saw and extract me from
my overgrown arboretum after the storm will be welcome. I have quite a
few tall trees ... 
This is a nice time to test the power of prayer. Storm is shrinking
nicely, and perhaps can be persuaded to continue. I don't think it's
done much good to Haiti, however, unless it inspires us to give those
folks a hand. 
My prayer of choice, "Please, (insert name of deity or providence),
don't let that storm hurt anybody, especially not Anne." 
As for Natural Selection, I already have grandchildren, but they could
use a bit more polishing ... 
Barbara, in case I go offline, one way or another, would you be so kind
as to inform this nice list what happened? I happen to know I'll be fine
either way ... but oh I hate cleaning up after a hurricane. Let's just
not have one, OK? 
I'm in Lake Worth, Florida, just to the right of that big lake in the
middle (Lake Okeechobee), in case  you're following this thing on a map.
Makes a nice change from Clinton. In fact, I wonder whether it's God's
way of telling us to leave him alone. Five hurricanes in quick
succession ... hmmm. A little bit north of the Watc harea, but that's
meaningless at this point. 
It's sunny with a light breeze, and the butterflies are dancing ... I do
hope I don't have to do horrid inept things with plywood tomorrow.
(That means the same as "God willing." Allah.)
> Jim Taylor wrote:
> > Anne:
> >
> > Put a tarp over your computer before Georges gets there;  I for one would
> > hate to lose you.
> I totally agree with Jim.
>           James

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