Killing butterflies and habitat destruction

John Grehan jrg13 at
Thu Sep 24 09:35:30 EDT 1998

I'll through in my tuppence on butterflies and habitat to echo the sentiments
expressed by Ken Philip and others that habitat survival is the key, not the
collecting issue (which becomes an issue for insects only for naturally
species that are also rare, but accessible because of their size or other
or those driven into that state due to habitat destruction).

I agree, that there does seem to be a preference for agencies to constrain
collecting rather than address the real problem of habitat (including the impact
 of exotics).

Its hard for me not to get totally morbit about the future of any organisms
requiring intact habitat. With us at 6 billion, and still growing, along with
the lack of environmentally strategic planning (something that some political
 views condem as a political conspiracy) I don't see things getting any better.

 Here in Pennsylvania the current development strategy is turning the state
one big urbansprawl (at least that's what's happening at present and there is
no policy to constrain it).

Also, when it comes to "hunting permits" for insects, Pennsylvania is
already there
when it comes to aqautics. Anyone collecting aqautic insects, so long as
they are in water,
regardless of habitat, requires the collector to have a fishing license!

Sincerely, John Grehan

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