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Hi Steve,

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> Mark,
> For some reason, I'm unable to post to Newsgroups from work these days,
> but I have a couple of points regarding your most recent post to
> sci.bio.ent.lep.  I don't wish to begin or participate in a lengthy
> debate, but mainly to give you something to think about.
>  1) How does the "rule and subdue" language read in the original Aramaic?
>     How about in different versions of translations - there are many?
	This is a great question, and one which  I plan to investigate.
I'll let you know what I find.

>  2) If people were designed to be vegetarians, how do you account for
>     the lengthy laws presented *by the designer* regarding kosher meats?
>     After all, if we were intended to be strictly vegetarian this wouldn't
>     have been necessary.
	Well, I believe that God very much wanted His chosen people to
survive and prosper in spite of the fact that mankind had fallen.  His love
for Israel was huge, and so God made sure that he conveyed certain laws and
practices that would protect HIs people from the inevitable decay, disease,
and death which were a consequence of the fall.  For example, and pertinent
to the discussion of genetics, in-breeding within a family was not so much
"unholy" (and I believe this is where Cain got his wife) as it was
unhealthy, once the gene pool became polluted by mutation.  As far as meat
eating goes, hey - it's pretty much accepted that meat eating can be
hazardous to your health.  Best to have a few precepts that will assure good
health.  Am I suggesting that meat eating is wrong in God's eyes?  Actually,
no, since there is a good possibility that meat eating may in fact be
necessary for survival in the post-fall human physiology - in particular if
one is living in a region with few legumes.  Before the fall, I don't think
eating was necessary at all - but rather a pleasure, just another blessing
provided by a loving God.

	By the way, I think Kenelm is right about scripture suggesting that
all the beasties were originally vegetarian.  I don't have an answer for why
many of the meat-eaters are so obviously well-equipped for tearing flesh,
unless there were indeed a radical change in speciation following the fall.
Hey, what can I say?  I certainly don't have all the answers.  I know who
does, though.

	I know this thread may seem inappropriate to many, but it is
discussion after all.  My recent response to Ken was NOT an objection to
argument, for I welcome any and all responses.  My objection to Ken was to
his claim that I was using scripture as scientific evidence, which I am not.
I do use the scripture for heightened awareness and as a mechanism for
two-way communication with my Creator.  This is precisely why it was given
to us.

	Sorry if any of this offends.  Just for the record, we all get
offended by posts on this list depending on our particular bent.  But being
offended is a bad reason for non-participation.  On the contrary, it
provides another justification for having such a forum, beyond propagating
technical information.

	My two-and-a-half cents.

	Mark Walker.

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