Phoebis agarithe in Dallas, Texas

Dale Clark nardoz at
Thu Sep 24 15:47:11 EDT 1998


Just thought I would report a rather unusual movement of Phoebis
agarithe (Large Orange Sulphur) in the Dallas, Texas area.  This species
occasionally strays into North Texas during late summer and early fall,
although not every year.  Usually in years that it is found I see only
one or two a year.  However, since September 20th I've made 9 different
sightings in various locations around town.  I haven't noticed any
specific direction in their movements -- but they are certainly a
welcome sight in the garden.  

As I reported a few days ago, I had a mating between a Monarch and a
Queen.  Unfortunately, the female Queen died the next day before any
oviposition took place.  I did manage to get a couple of pictures and
will post these to my website in the near future and will notify the
list at that time so anyone interested can check it out.

Dale Clark
Dallas, Texas

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