Phoebis agarithe in Dallas, Texas

Rob Hilton robert at
Thu Sep 24 16:03:27 EDT 1998

Hey Dale, 

Send some up my way!!  I love Phoebis butterflies!  

I saw one once near Brownsville, Texas, on a birding trip in November.  

Rob Hilton
robert at
Bethesda, Md., near Washington, D. C. 

At 02:47 PM 9/24/98 -0500, Dale Clark wrote:
>Just thought I would report a rather unusual movement of Phoebis
>agarithe (Large Orange Sulphur) in the Dallas, Texas area.  This species
>occasionally strays into North Texas during late summer and early fall,
>although not every year.  Usually in years that it is found I see only
>one or two a year.  However, since September 20th I've made 9 different
>sightings in various locations around town.  I haven't noticed any
>specific direction in their movements -- but they are certainly a
>welcome sight in the garden.  
>As I reported a few days ago, I had a mating between a Monarch and a
>Queen.  Unfortunately, the female Queen died the next day before any
>oviposition took place.  I did manage to get a couple of pictures and
>will post these to my website in the near future and will notify the
>list at that time so anyone interested can check it out.
>Dale Clark
>Dallas, Texas

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