Bird Boy darbsccb at
Fri Sep 25 10:00:44 EDT 1998

Dear Fellow professionals and enthusiasts alike:
Get a grip people!
This is a CHILD wanting to collect a few butterflies for his collection.  At
least he had the intelligence to ask fellow enthusiasts what the proper
procedure was.  Course, instead of "KILLING BUTTERFLIES" he could be out
busting a cap or selling crack cocaine.  I have seen it at 13!  My goodness,
we have hundreds of thousands of PEOPLE starving to death, blowing each
other up and dying from disease!  Lets find the same compassion for them
that we find  for the Monarch.  Where are our priorities as a world?  I'll
tell you, right down the crapper.  Insects will be on this earth much longer
than their caretakers.


Darby J. Sanders
Iowa, U.S.

Terry Rodbard wrote in message
<199809210657_MC2-5A1C-433F at>...
>Have any other members been distressed by the discussion on how to kill
>Am I somehow missing the point?
>Should we be teaching a 13 year old how to kill butterflies?
>All types of collecting are severely frowned upon in the UK and the taking
>of a small number of specimens is regarded as necessary by  the scientific
>members of our fraternity, but certainly not by the greater number of
>amateurs of which I am one.
>Enjoying these beautiful creatures I find find it abhorant that I could
>play some sought of God and decide what should live.    Collect or dissect,
>  the necessity of either I would like to be convinced of.  Try me.
>Greetings to all members

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