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In article <199809210657_MC2-5A1C-433F at>, cddc at COMPUSERVE.COM (Terry Rodbard) says:
>Have any other members been distressed by the discussion on how to kill
>Am I somehow missing the point?
>Should we be teaching a 13 year old how to kill butterflies?  
>All types of collecting are severely frowned upon in the UK and the taking
>of a small number of specimens is regarded as necessary by  the scientific
>members of our fraternity, but certainly not by the greater number of
>amateurs of which I am one.
>Enjoying these beautiful creatures I find find it abhorant that I could
>play some sought of God and decide what should live.    Collect or dissect,
>  the necessity of either I would like to be convinced of.  Try me.
>Greetings to all members
This is a reply to all responds considering this matter.
My opinion is next. Killing method is not important. Birds, bats, and
other predators, kills the leps with different methods. 
These creatures make it for living. Human do it more or less to get information about
leps. The only thing what matters is life. When you kill the leps, do it
with though, timing is important. After the spiece is quitting its flight,
so it will soon die anyway after "producing" the next generation, that
could be the perfect time to act. If you want perfect ones for your collection,
grow them up from larvae. It learns you to find them and how the leps are living=
you have to study a little of every spieces ecology and living habbits, that
makes only good for you. (And when you have done some work for the larvae,
it's possible that you do not want to hurt them at all).

Try me.


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