Himmicane Georges

Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Fri Sep 25 06:35:03 EDT 1998

So far , we're fine. As the fellow said, falling from the tall building,
as he reached the 13th floor ... 
Hurricanes are skittish critters, and I don't trust this one, though it
pretends to be straight-arrow. Yet I feel perfectly safe ... as does
Anyway, aside from a good many dead leaves falling, not a whole lot is
happening out there. 
A zebra longwing just went past, flying very low. The butterfly path in
my back yard is west to east, from eight to twelve feet off the ground,
just the other side of the orange tree. It is perhaps 12 feet wide. That
area is currently occupied by a strong gray wind from the east. This
butterfly was about four inches off the ground.
	As overcast as it is, I am not surprised that the butterfly, a
crepuscular (twilight-loving) species, is the only one out.
	Now a rain has started, great heavy drops ... a three-minute rain, the
first breath of the coming storm.
It will only be a storm for us, I think, not a hurricane. We're in a
windowed room where we can watch the trees lash about, and our windows
are guarded by slim, supple trees. A flash of sunlight flickers across
the path. leaf shadows flicker in the troubled waters of the birdbath. 
I think I'll stroll out and enjoy the storm while I can. 
See how the butterfly garden is doing, watch the leaves race across the
surface of the lake. 
Catch you later

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