Blowin' in the wind

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sat Sep 26 05:46:51 EDT 1998

The white-footed ants are swarming, the evening air full of winged
	Hurricane Georges has, without question, picked up a generous supply of
them and will be spreading them up the coast of Florida, and across the
gulf. Those winds at the edges are a brilliant insect delivery system. 
	Dr. Tom Weissman would undoubtedly appreciate it if you folks upwind of
South Florida would drop by his web page

familiarize yourselves with this ant and pass the word to extension
agents and local gardeners that they might like to watch for it.
I am not proposing a pogrom; as far as I am concerned this is a
comparatively well-behaved ant, replacing the fire ant in my garden.
It does, however, absolutely change the insect population where it is
established. Whether for the better or the worse is unproved.  
However, in areas where native ants still exist, you might at least like
to see it coming. 
I think this ant probably tends caterpillars as well as other
honeydew-producing insects, and harvests those that don't put out. 
I have not noticed a change in the butterflies in my garden. 
They did take yesterday off, though, except for the zebra longwings, and
those were careful.
A rich feast of information for Tom, please. 
Anne Kilmer
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