Caterpillar ID?

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at
Sat Sep 26 20:21:13 EDT 1998

	Allyn Weaks inquired about useful books for IDing caterpillars.
I don't offhand know of any for the Midwest US--but there are two publi-
cations that may have some overlap:

Wagner, Giles, Reardon, & McManus, 1997. Caterpillars of Eastern Forests.
  Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team, Morgantown, WV. This is a free
  book--contact Lisa Cress at (304) 285-1563. It has lots of excellent
  color plates of caterpillars, both b'flies and moths.

Ives & Wong, 1988. Tree and shrub insects of the prairie provinces. Canadian
  Forestry Service: Information Report NOR-X-292. It is available free (if
  it's still in print) from: Northern Forestry Centre, Canadian Forestry
  Centre, 5320-122 Srtreet, Edmonton, Alberta  T6H 3S5. This covers many
  groups of insects--but does include leps, and shows in color both adults
  and larvae. Another excellent reference...

							Ken Philip
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