Graham Dixon Troubleatmill at
Mon Sep 28 10:32:20 EDT 1998

I have a pair of Nikon 7x20s that I bought in Saudi Arabia. They focus down
to about 7 ft, if I want to get a little closer, I close my left eye & use
the adjustable side as a monocular, this gives me another couple of feet

Graham Dixon

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From: William Silkstone <KPZH62A at>
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Date: 28 September 1998 00:54
Subject: binoculars

>Can anyone tell me the best binocs for observing butterlies.  The
>shortest focusing distance I've been able to find thus far is about 8-9
>feet.  Are any optics people in the trade working on this for insect
>observation.  If not we should let them know there might be a good market
>for this type of observing.  Please respond to my E-mail address.  Thanks.

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