question re subfamilies of Noctuidae

O.G. Marti, Jr. omarti at
Mon Aug 2 13:54:56 EDT 1999

Suppose you encountered a listing of subfamilies of Noctuidae in 
which the following occurred:

Catocalinae                no quotes
"Othreiinae"               in  quotes
"Catocalinae"             in quotes
In addition to this, the person making the list elsewhere (in another 
list) used Ophiderinae as one of the subfamilies of the Noctuidae, 
and "Othreiinae" is not encountered.  I am following Poole in his 
usage of Ophiderinae and Catocalinae and I need to know what to 
do with "Othreiinae".  Do they belong in Ophiderinae, and the 
"Catocalinae" in quotes belong in the Catocalinae, as per Poole?
I need to make a listing of Catocalinae and Ophiderinae as used by 
Poole but I don't know how to deal with the above, so info on these 
points will be greatly appreciated.

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