question re subfamilies of Noctuidae

Pierre Zagatti zagatti at
Tue Aug 3 06:17:40 EDT 1999

Just a question to add (I don't really want to do this !)

Imagine I decide that the Witch Moth Ascalapha odorata L. should belong to a
new subfamily,
created for the monotypic genus Ascalapha Huebner only (Ophiderinae).
The name of the new subfamily should be Ascalaphinae, but Ascalaphinae is
already a subfamily name for insects belonging to the masculine genus
Ascalaphus (Neuroptera).

Imagine there are no synonym names published for both Ascalapha and
(there are some in fact). I remember that generic names with different
genders are not
considered as synomyms.

What can I do ? (Doug ?)

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