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Kondla, Norbert FOR:EX Norbert.Kondla at gems3.gov.bc.ca
Tue Aug 3 14:29:32 EDT 1999

Well, I gotta crow about this one. One of those special days for butterfly
afficiendos. Place: near Rock Creek in southern BC, Canada. Plot: Eight
(count em, 8) species of Speyeria flying together on July 31. What's the big
deal you ask ? Here is the background. Butterfly nut that has ogled
uncountable numbers of butterflies in Canada (5 provinces and 2 territories)
and 6 western USA states over many years. My best find in western USA was 8
species in the Sweetgrass Hills of Montana.  Never imagined that this could
be achieved north of the 49th parallel. Would certainly welcome stories from
western USA researchers/collectors/oglers on other hot spots for species
diversity in Speyeria in one place. Can anyone top 8 in one spot ?? The
prize is that you get bragging rights :) :)
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