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Sorry folks---
Had not meant to allow so much elapsed time before posting this tidbit of info I found in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE newspaper, Sunday July 25 edition.  
Approximately one week prior to article a photographer spotted what she thought was an "ill" Monarch and began taking pictures.  The photos were then brought to Doug Taron, curator of Biology for the Chicago Academy of Sciences.  Doug also leads the Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network.
 The last recorded observation of a Queen (Danaus galippus) in Illinois was September 9, 1928 according to research done by Mr. Taron.  No conclusive  reason/s for this 1999 sighting can be made.
Mr. Taron's group of about sixty butterfly field assistant/enthusiasts also recorded very high numbers of Buckeye butterflies in early June.  Their numbers were greater and arrival time almost one month early for northern Illinois.
Carol Freeman is credited with the photography of the Queen at the Glenco, Illinois   Chicago Botanic Garden.

Due to the loss of my computer (may it rest in pieces) this spring---I lost my long/lat for northeastern Illinois/Wisconsin border  (Antioch) for my postings. I would appreciate someone getting back to me with this.
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