Revised New Vietnemiese Caterpillar question.

Kevin Paul Szoke dracolich5 at
Wed Aug 4 00:40:40 EDT 1999

  >  I recently purchased a National Geographic for June 1999, and there was an
>article on Vietnemiese animals.  There was an image of a BRIGHTLY colored
>caterpillar (not specified as being Moth or Butterfly) called a "Slug
>Caterpillar."  It is a soft caterpillar with orange base-color, neon yellow
>spots rimed with black on the top and red streaks with black borders on the
>sides.  It has thick tentacles with MANY spines on them.  Does anyone know
>kind of caterpillar this is?  If you could, could you E- mail me a website
>images, info on this and related species?  Thank you.
>K. Szoke

  After looking back at the pic, I found a caption (I thaught the sidebar was
the caption) and found the added info:  Slug Caterpillar:  Setora fletcheri. 
Does this help?

K. Szoke

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