problems with pupae at the airport?

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>Subject: Re: problems with pupae at the airport?
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>Date: Wed, 04 August 1999 11:48 AM EDT
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>I hate to re-ignite this thread, but I was unable to respond over the
>past few days.  First, as for "inflammatory comments", I think that
>Johns  statement:
> " Mike's response is a powerful display of  ignorance combined with
>stupidity" is MUCH more inflammatory than anything I said.  
>Second, there was no ignorance OR stupidity on MY part.  I realize that
>imported pests can cause havoc.  And, I know that Gypsy moths were
>brought in by a individual.  I ain't stupid.  
>But, lets examine some facts here.  MOST runaway exotics were imported
>WITH PERMISSION by the USDA.  In fact, in many cases, it WAS thier idea. 
>These are the same people who regulate me.  The second most prevalent
>cause of exotic introductions is commerce.  Zebra mussels, Noctua
>pronuba....they all "just got here"....didn't need any help from
>anybody.  And, I've reared Lasiocampids, I see how they hide.  How long
>would it have been before The Gypsy moth got here on it's own thru
>commerce?  And, once it was here, the same people who want to regulate
>me, in thier ignorance, started a MASSIVE spraying program which, not
>only extended the duration and destruction of Gypsy moth infestations
>(they tend to defoliate and move on....spraying decreased the population
>numbers which inhibited the defolition - so there was no reason to move
>on), it also destroyed native leps up and down the east coast.  Third,
>most species expand thier range due to some change in the environment -
>or due to the actions of some catalyst.  Birds carry plant seeds far
>from thier original homes and deposit them.  This is natures way.  How
>can ANYBODY as a mere human be so arrogant as to think THEY know what
>nature's plan is.  One of the reasons nature may have put humans here
>may have been to change the environment.  We don't know.  To try to hold
>the earth in environmental stasis is a stupid, foolish idea.  It's never
>been that way in the past, and it will never be that way in the future. 
>Yet, we humans, have the unmitigated audacity to think we know better.
>	And, even if I do agree that importing things and letting them run
>loose is "bad", why does this need to be done at the federal level? 
>Does Alaska need the same restrictions as Hawaii....I don't think so. 
>Yet, that is how it is done.  And, if you tried to get a permit to
>import a tropical species, say, Atlas moths, into Alaska - as a private
>citizen, it would, most likely, be turned down by Mr. Flanders at the
>USDA.  Are we afraid of Atlas moths...whose larvae die quickly at
>temperatures under 70°, are going to decimate the tundra....I don't
>think so.
>Last, looking back thru history, MOST great achievements were performed
>by INDIVIDUALS not groups or governments.  So, it would only stand to
>reason that individuals will be responsible for some of the foul ups
>(ie. Gypsy moths).  But, if you look at the forest, and not the trees,
>you would realize that our government and large businesses (with
>governments permission) have caused more environmental disasters in the
>past 20 years than the sum of all idividuals throughout history.  And,
>if you looked at the ratio of achievements / problems, I think the
>individual wins hands down.  Yet, you are willing to deny resources to
>the individual and place them in the hands of the government.  Not THAT
>is both ignorant and stupid.
>	And, my real point of all of this NOT to argue the merits of
>importation or not.  As an American citizen, I read and re-read the
>constitution and federalist papers regularly.  It is my duty
>(John....when was the last time YOU read the constitution?).  And, the
>REGULATE ME.  Sure, congress may have passed unconstitutional laws and
>set up unconstitutional agencies.... And that is what I am complaining
>about.  The socialists have been incrementally destroying our
>constitution with help from an ignorant public....who want everything
>safe and cozy.  Well folks, wake up, Freedom is NOT safety.  In fact,
>they are diametrically opposed.  
>I will now drop this subject forever (thank GOD!) and leave you with one
>of my favorite quotes:
>"Anyone who trades thier freedom for safety deserves neither".
>Mike Soukup
Well said Mike!


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